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ln keeping with USI's commitment to being your full service insurance and risk management firm, we have developed this web site to allow you to stay up-to-speed on timely insurance issues, download valuable information, and conduct business with us.

USI provides comprehensive insurance and employee benefits packages for community asscdir. We help community managers develop ways to significantly reduce traditional insurance costs. The Community Association Insurance Program tells you more.

USI is a full service risk management and insurance firm. Our professional insurance advisors provide leading-edge insurance products, technologies, and risk management systems that are designed to control client costs and protect client assets. Our Overview tells you more.

USI helps clients develop ways to significantly reduce traditional insurance costs. Our Publication Library contains newsletters, which provide in-depth reports on insurance issues, and periodic bulletins of time-sensitive industry information. We help you stay up-to-speed on important and timely insurance issues.

If you are interested in obtaining information or a quote on personal homeowners insurance, please see Condominium Insurance for Owners (HO-6) and Renters (HO-4).

Should your mortgagee require a Certificate of Insurance, follow the easy instructions on our certificate page.

If you are a community association building or property manager, please follow the instructions in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to report a claim.

USI provides Valuable Information to help you maintain a safe and efficient community association. The following information can be downloaded in PDF form:

To make your community association competitive and attractive to job candidates, and to retain current employees, you have to offer an exceptional total benefits package. Find out more in our Employee Benefits section.

We have compiled a list of web sites that we believe you may find helpful. Please see our Web Resources section for these sites.

If you have questions about USI or how to do business with us, chances are the answers can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

If you have any questions or need further information, please Contact Us.




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